domingo, 30 de setembro de 2007

Dia Internacional do Tradutor - International Translation Day

Today is the International Translation Day (30th September, the saint's day of St. Jerome, patron saint of all translators)!
This holiday was established in 1953 by FIT (International Federation of Translators).
Saint Jerome is best known as the translator of the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin.
History of themes of the international translation day:
1991 - No official theme
1992 - Translation - the vital link
1993 - Translation, a pervasive presence
1994 - The many facets of translation
1995 - Translation, a key to development
1998 - Good translation practices
1996 - Translators and Copyright
1997 - Translating in the Right Direction
1998 - Good Translation Practices
1999 - Translation - Transition
2000 - Technology serving the needs of translation
2001 - Translation and ethics
2002 - Translators as agents of social change
2003 - Translators' rights
2004 - Translation, underpinning multilingualism and cultural diversity
2005 - Translation and Human Rights
2006 - Many Languages – One Profession

The theme of International Translation Day 2007 is "Don't Shoot The Messenger!". The International Federation of Translators' choice of the theme for the day is intented to draw attention to the hazards faced by translators, and also by those who believe that professional language services are unnecessary option. As the press-release says, "language professions are becoming increasingly dangerous. There are parts of the world where translators and interpreters literally risk death simply by doing their job. Some 261 translators died in Iraq in 2006, and more in Afghanistan. Translation is a risky business. Translators and interpreters bear an enormous responsibility in carrying messages between languages and cultures, and problems getting the word across can spell disaster on all sides. For without such experts - translators, interpreters, terminologists - our globalised world would be an uncomprehending place indeed."

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