quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008

Palermo Shooting

Grinderman, Oldham Songs, Lou Reed in Wenders Film
This fall, titans of stage and screen will collide in a motion picture theater near...Germany. Yes! Acclaimed director Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, Buena Vista Social Club, Paris, Texas) has a new film, and it is stuffed to the brim with things that should make music nerds giddy.
What sort of things, you ask? Why, how about a cameo from Lou Reed, a score composed by Can's Irmin Schmidt, and brand new music from Will Oldham and Nick Cave's Grinderman! Really, pull up a chair.

Having shown at Cannes earlier this year, Wenders' Palermo Shooting is due to hit theaters in Germany on November 20, according to IMDb. The film stars Andreas "Campino" Frege, frontman for German punk mainstays Die Toten Hosen (each of Campino's bandmates also makes a brief appearance in the film). He plays a restless photographer who embraces the open road. There he meets Death (who goes by the name "Frank" in this film, how cute), as portrayed by Dennis Hopper. How I love the cinema.
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