sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

Wordia - O YouTube dos Dicionários

O criador do Wordia, o britânico Edward Baker, declarou a morte dos dicionários em papel e criou um site onde qualquer pessoa pode publicar em vídeo a sua definição de uma determinada palavra ou expressão. Fonte: Público

A apresentação do projecto reza assim:

Who Are We
We’re a team of language enthusiasts and general word nuts who have joined forces to create a new kind of dictionary - a democratic ‘visual dictionary’. A place where anyone with a video, webcam or mobile phone can define the words that matter to them in their life.
We believe that everyone wants to express themselves more clearly, whether to win debates, spark conversations or simply to make people laugh with a well-chosen word.
Over the years we’ve tried many ways to improve our grasp of the English language. We’ve listened, jotted and scribbled down words that have excited, confused and challenged us. is our way of improving our own vocabulary and in the process, discovering what words mean to other people. Like most people, we’re interested in what other think and feel. (...)
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